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Anakapally Nookalamma Kothamavasya Jathara


  •   Anakapalli Nookalamma Jatara (festival) is the temple fair starts on “Kothamavasya” the eve of the Telugu new year day and it continues for a period of one month. The jatara festival will be celebrated in the month of March or April every year according to telugu New years day (ugadi). On the last day of the festival they celebrate a festival known as “Nela pandaga”. People from other countries such as Malaysia and Singapore also visit the temple in the large number to have the Darshan and blessings of the diety. Devotees visit the temple in large groups for nearly two to three months starting from the Kothamavasya day.

  • Kottaamavasya     04-04-2019

  • Nelapanduga        04-05-2019

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