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Details of Anakapalli in British Records 1902

Details of Anakapalli in British Records (1902)

  • Anakapalli in south west of Vizagapatnam Dist,Madras with an area of 297 sq.miles. The population in 1901 is 18,539 and there are 143 villages. The demand for land revenue and cesses in 1903 - 04 was Rs. 1,22,000 /-. The northern part of the tahsil and relatively infertile. The tahsil is entirely Zamindari, being divided among the GODE family and the KASIMKOTA,VIZIANAGARAM and CHIRPURUPALLI estates. KASIMKOTA was formerly a FAUJDARI of the CHICACOLE SARKAR , and later, from 1794 to 1802 was the head quarters of one of the three Collectorates which in 1802 were formed into present Visakhapatnam District.

  • Anakapalli Town :- Head Quarters of the tahsil of the same name in Visakhapatnam District, Madras. It is a rising agricultural centre, with a large export trade in jaggery(coarse sugar) and grain. The affairs of the town managed by a municipal council established in 1878. The revenue and expenditure during the ten years ending 1902-1903 averaged Rs. 16,000 /- . 

  • In 1903-1904 they were Rs.25,000/- and Rs.21,000/- respectively. Most of the revenue is derived from taxes on house and lands and from tolls. The usual officers are stationed in Anakapalli , and it is also a favorite place of residence among Hindus. It is a station on the East Coast Railway,484 miles distant from Madras.